Picci Montessori Liberty Bed

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Montessori bed made of sturdy beech house-shaped structure.

It allows the child to stand up and move freely without the risk of getting hurt.

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Picci Montessori Liberty Bed is a magical refuge for children, which becomes a strong point of reference for them to play, relax and read before falling asleep gently.

Inspired by the Montessori method for the education of children: the low structure allows the child to get out of bed and move safely to explore the spaces around him.

The design is simple, adapts perfectly to any style of bedroom and can be customized with textiles and decorations according to one’s taste.

Not only safe but also beautiful, complete with a house-shaped structure that makes it cozy and fun!

With Picci Lettino Montessori Liberty, the child completely changes the perception he has of sleeping in the room alone.
The open cot that allows the full view of his bedroom.

It helps to make the child free and autonomous, sleeping alone in his or her bedroom will be easier for him if he feels free to move and has the possibility of seeing well everything that surrounds him.

Complete the bedroom with the Picci Liberty nightstand.


Montessori bed with house-shaped structure
Age: from 0 to 4-5 years.
Bed dimensions: length 146 cm; width 78 cm, height 122 cm.
Materials: bed: beech wood
Mounting kit included
Care: for the wooden structure: clean with a damp cloth and neutral detergent.

Liberty Star Orthopedic Mattress, not included.

If you use Picci Montessori Liberty Bed from the first months, use a reducer, your child will feel like a little prince in this bed

Made in Italy.

Montessori style and elegance are the musts of the New Liberty Star 2020 Collection.

Picci Collezione Liberty Star

Liberty Star bedroom is composed of Montessori bed with house-shaped structure and a child-sized nightstand that is easily accessible for storing all the objects useful to the child in the moment of relaxation and rest.

The bed, with its little house shape, is much loved by mothers and children, and the brand new cover makes it an authentic refuge for the child who elects him to his private space of meditation and relaxation.

Textile part is declined in ultra soft muslin fabric.

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