Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser

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Miniland Natural Sleeper diffuser creates the perfect environment for the most natural rest of your baby, a tactile device that stimulates the relaxation of your baby’s senses through the configurable emission of white noise, colors and scents to make him sleep in a quiet, deep and natural.



Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser creates the perfect environment for your baby’s most natural rest Baby’s

Multisensory stimulation and … quiet nights!

Thanks to its triple sound generation function, colored lights and aromas, natural sleeper stimulates the child’s hearing and sight.

Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser improves the beginning and depth of sleep in a natural way.

The natural sound programmed in natural sleeper is specially designed to calm the baby, inducing a relaxed and deep sleep. Moreover, it helps to mask any environmental sound that can awaken the smallest: life is noisy, but you must not disturb the child!

The benefits of aromatherapy are amply demonstrated and are based on some fragrances that help the child to have greater physical and mental strength, as well as helping to balance his energy and make him feel good inside.

Therefore, Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser vaporizes cold using ultrasonic vibrations, gently dispersing natural fragrances in the child’s room, creating an atmosphere of peace, transmitting a feeling of well-being and helping him to relax, either to fall asleep or to encourage induction to deep sleep.

Parents can choose between the multicolored light or fixed light mode, creating the perfect environment for the child, stimulating the secretion of melatonin that will help it achieve a deep, peaceful and serene sleep.

Furthermore, pet light, which helps children feel safe at night, is cool to the touch.

Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser adapts to the needs of every child and parent.

Natural sleeper stays on for an hour to help the baby sleep, after which it turns off automatically.

Furthermore, in the event that the water in the tank runs out while in operation, it disconnects.

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