Stokke Beat Stroller

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Stokke Beat is the compact city stroller. Suitable for babies and children weighing up to 22 kg.

Ready when you are: super light, easily closes with one hand.

Arriving by the end of October 2019

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Stokke Beat is the compact city stroller.

Designed for all activities in the city with your baby.

Suitable for babies from birth up to 22 Kg.

Thanks to the “Best in class” functions, it is easy to push, closes without removing the seat and is easily transportable, ideal for mothers who are always on the move.

Sturdy and durable, this lightweight structure stroller guarantees comfortable walking and unrivaled maneuverability.

It’s compact, the ideal solution for travelling on busy roads and using public transport.


Ready when you are: super light, it easily closes with one hand.
Anti-vibration design and lightness to maneuver with agility in the narrowest and most crowded streets.
It allows you to interact at any time thanks to the different sitting positions that bring the child closer to the parent.

It opens and closes with one hand

Si apre e chiude con una mano

Stokke Beat opens and closes easily, even with the seat still hooked, to carry and store it quickly and easily.



The easy steering and the pivoting wheels with brakes allow you to easily guide the stroller in the narrowest and most crowded streets.

Light and compact

Leggero e compatto

Weighing just 9.5kg and a 78cm x 53.5cm x 32cm (L x W x H) closed design, Stokke Beat is easy to guide, lift and store.

Comfortable and safe

Comodo e sicuro

The shuttle allows the child to rest, sleep and enjoy comfortable walks in the city.

Anti-shock suspension

Sospensioni anti-urto

Visible suspension for comfortable travel on all surfaces, from gravel to cobbled streets.

Simple braking

Frenata semplice

The brake can be inserted quickly and easily with just one touch of the foot.

Ideal comfort

Comfort ideale

The spacious reclining and reversible seat has never been so comfortable.

Integrated legrest
Pedana integrata

No more dangling legs for a correct and comfortable position.

Elegant canopy

Elegante Cappottina

The expandable canopy is unmatched: UPF 50+ protection, optimal ventilation and sun protection.

Extra space

Spazio extra

Large basket for storing everything you need.


Benefits for parents

Compact design when closed (W x D x H: 78 cm x 53.5 cm x 32 cm) and when it is open (W x D x H: 97 cm x 53.5 cm x 115 cm)
Space of 53.5 cm for entry into the subway or train
Lightweight – weighs only 9.5 kg
Unrivaled maneuverability to tackle the smallest spaces
Large sturdy wheels with anti-puncture system
It closes easily with one hand
Adjustable footrest and reclining seat with one hand
It can be closed with a seat in front of the world or in front of mum / dad
Safety brake with every type of shoe
Large storage basket with a capacity of 10 kg to carry everything you need
Suitable for babies and children weighing up to 22 kg
It can be used as part of a travel system

Benefits for the child

The front shock-proof wheels ensure comfortable rides
Multiple seating positions that can be perfectly adjusted with 2 footrest positions, to offer your child maximum comfort.
High quality ergonomic seat to give your child maximum comfort
Extensible canopy with a modern design that ensures optimal ventilation and protects against external elements such as light and noise
Double-hinged safety bar with 360-degree rotation to ensure safety and easier access
Padded 5-point safety belt for easier access to your baby

Travel system

With the Stokke Beat shuttle, the Softbag bag for the Stokke stroller or the Stokke stroller adapter for newborns, you can adapt the Stokke Beat to your needs, ensuring greater comfort for your child.


Personalize your Stokke Beat with the optional accessories (sold seprately):

Stroller bag
Changing Bag
Rain cover
Moqsuito net